There is a long road ahead for the EsCargo project, but breaking it down, this is what we look to achieve in the near future.

  • Continue to seek feedback from a large range of sources.
  • Rigorously test the V1 prototype to understand it’s strengths and limitations in order to inform future iterations.
  • Continue refining the V1 prototype, testing various adjustments, modifications and redesigns.
  • Seek out industry partners passionate about a sustainable and unique delivery solution.
  • Consult an approved Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme (VASS) consultant who specialises in Individually Constructed Vehicles (ICV) to establish the work needed to produce a roadworthy V2 design.
  • Work with a VASS, ICV consultant to create a roadworthy V2 prototype.
  • Commence construction of roadworthy V2 prototype.
  • Undergo rigorous real world testing of the V2 prototype.
EsCargo Progress folio89
What lies ahead?