About Us

Oscar with EsCargo (Photo: Rob Perrone)

EsCargo is the brainchild of industrial designer Oscar Fehlberg. The project was the culmination of his 4 year Bachelor (hons) of Industrial Design at RMIT, Melbourne. Innovation, out of the box thinking and a “why not” attitude are key to his design approach and his love for all things utilitarian shines through in his work.

Before EsCargo, Oscar worked within a small team designing, building and racing lightweight, single seater, electric vehicles to compete in endurance racing. This sparked a keen interest in the alternative energy source and the simplistic drive train. Over the 5 years of involvement it helped develop his mechanical, fabrication and project management skills.

Advising on the EsCargo project is Industrial Designer and RMIT lecturer/researcher Simon Curlis and custom motorcycle fabricator Craig Longhurst. Both have worked on an extensive number of motorcycle projects and are passionate about the future of motorcycling.