A Cargo Motorcycle



Faster, greener and cheaper deliveries.

As the worlds population increases, the congestion on our roads worsens. Yet the expectation for fast, affordable, delivered goods is as strong as ever. Along with todays environmental pressures, finding a delivery solution that meets our needs seems close to impossible.

EsCargo is a zero emissions cargo motorcycle designed to move small-scale freight within congested urban streets in a timely manner. It proposes a shift in the way that we transport goods, and it eradicates the need to build further infrastructure to maintain our current logistical model of large loads on large vehicles.

EsCargo has been designed to be flexible, in order to suit a huge range of applications, whether delivering mail, consumer goods or even fresh foods. The bikes electric drive-train along with green energy infrastructure makes it a more environmentally sustainable alternative, as well as being cheap to own and operate. This opens the door for both large and small businesses seeking a unique advantage over competitors.

As the area of goods delivery becomes increasingly more competitive in a congested and eco-conscious world, EsCargo offers a faster, greener and cheaper approach.